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Thomas Prattki is the founder of, an international creative hub for theatre makers from around the world.
He was the pedagogical director of the Ecole Jacques Lecoq, before creating in 2003 the London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA). In 2018 he created, which hosts the international school of theatre and performance makers, an international workshop and research space and the Thomas Prattki Centre for Integral Movement and Performance Studies.

Thomas Prattki

"Devised theatre and performance has become a truly inspiring international movement and is part of a bigger paradigm shift in contemporary culture. Artistic and personal autonomy, collaborative as well as interdisciplinary ensemble work and the possibility to participate actively in the creation of today's and tomorrow's cultural landscape are some of the most important driving forces behind the decision of a growing number of theatre and performing artists to create their own work. addresses practitioners from around the world who wish to be a part of this exciting movement. Whether you wish to explore new creative pathways within your already existing artistic practice as an actress, writer, dancer, performer, visual artist, designer, director, etc , challenge your own boundaries within an international training and research environment, explore the relationships between devised performance practices and other fields of knowledge such as anthropology, ecology, politics, psychology, social sciences, etc., or deepen your leadership skills in the performing, educational or performance based healing arts, we aim to offer a place, where all this can happen. All our MA, MFA and certificate programs are based on the vision to offer you a space for embodied learning through exploration, collaboration, mindfulness and pleasure. A space to shape your own artistic vision or the voice of your generation. A space for you to learn how to support others on their quest towards more autonomy through means of movement, performance and other forms of creative expression.

Our pedagogical matrix is based on an understanding of any creative act as an interplay of a wide range of faculties, which the artist needs to foster through rigorous practice in order to be able to create work, which uses the fullness of the creative potential available to all of us. The more faculties we are able to integrate skillfully into our creative process, the richer our work will be. Our programs invite each of our students to develop a more holistic perspective on the creative process and the qualities needed in order to be able to create original work, whether in collaboration with others or alone, whether for a professional production or in an educational setting.

We want you to become the artist you wish to be, and hope to provide you a challenging and supportive environment, whether you join us for a workshop or a degree program.

We aim to be a place, where rigorous training meets the pleasures of playfulness, where academic research meets personal process and where each student can grow within the challenging and stimulating environment of an international arts community.

So have a look at our different postgraduate degree, certificate and workshop programs. And should you feel, that this is the place you wish to be, then we look forward to meet you in person, here in Berlin, on our campus at the Eden Studios.

Welcome to ! "

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