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Please send the following materials to the school via email (listed on our application form)

Completed Application Form
Download:PDF - docx
Please be sure to indicate on this form whether you are applying for an MA/MFA course or a Certificate course.

Statement of Interest
We would like to know more about your interest in the course. Please send us a scan of a hand-written letter of motivation explaining why you would like to study at If your handwritten statement of interest is in a language other than English, or if your handwriting is difficult to read, we ask for a typed version in English to accompany the scan.

Curriculum Vitae
Please include a CV which gives an insight into your education, artistic training, theatrical or performative experience and any other fields of interest.

Evidence of Qualifications / Training
Please include scanned copies of relevant degrees, certificates or transcripts.

Letter of Recommendation
Please include a scan of one original letter of recommendation from a former colleague, teacher, director or training institute.

Financial plan
Please include a comprehensive financial plan explaining how you intend to fund both the course fees and your costs of living in Berlin. If funded or supported by a relative or institution, include a signed statement from them which declares their financial support of your application.

Please include one recent photo of yourself – a passport photo is sufficient.

Interview and Portfolio
Once we receive your application materials, you may be invited to an online interview. This interview is not an online audition, so you do not need to prepare material for it. After the interview, you may be invited to submit examples or links to your own performative/creative work to share with the admissions team.

For any clarification about the application process use our contact form:

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