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Integral Movement and Performance Studies

The Thomas Prattki Centre for Integral Movement and Performance Studies is a place of professional research as well as personal growth and addresses advanced practitioners in the performing, healing and educational arts, who are interested in exploring the relationship between embodied identity, individuation and Self realisation in one's own professional field and personal life.

Our aim is to provide a space of personal as well as transpersonal, individual as well as collaborative, artistic as well as educational investigation into the realisation of creative potentials in groups and individuals. We wish to foster through movement and performance in all its different forms the emergence of a more integral experience of the body, which embraces autonomy, fluidity, the liminoid and the androgynous on the way to creative Self realisation, in art and life.

Integrating core concepts of archetypal psychology, the Jungian approach to personal growth, the research of Jean Gebser on structures of consciousness , Jacques Lecoq's pedagogy on embodiment through mask and movement, the initiatic process work of Maria Hippius and Karlfried Graf Duerckheim, awareness practices such as Alexander Technique, Iaido and Zen meditation and a devising process rooted in the emerging images and creative impulses of one's own journey, Integral Movement and Performance Practice offers a unique program for performing artists, educators and practitioners in movement and performance based healing arts interested in deepening their personal and professional journey.

Through movement and improvisation, through mask and myth, through the creation of performances from ritual to installation, from playwriting to film making, from solo project to ensemble creation, through drawing, painting and sculpting, through reading, writing and critical reflection, through individual research projects, which allow for the application of the Integral Movement and Performance Practice to one's own specific field of interest, practice and profession, each participant is invited to develop an embodied sense for the creative power of our personal and collective imagination and shared consciousness. This process invites the emergence of a more holistic experience of ourselves, the development of new cultural narratives, educational models and performance worlds , which reflect this development and rich questions about the need for more embodied integral leadership in one's own professional practice and personal life.

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The Thomas Prattki Centre at and J's Academy, a performing arts center for children, young individuals, and adults in Mumbai/India, have launched a creative collaboration. Committed to supporting personal growth through the arts, the TPC and J's Academy will offer a series of workshops this summer in Berlin, Bangalore, and Mumbai.

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