The Liminoid Body

10. February - 6. March 2020

The Liminoid Body


Distortions of Normativity

The module investigates the voluntarily distortion of conventions, norms and paradigms through the Anarchic, the Grotesque and the Androgynous. Taking the distortion of the physical body as a point of departure, participants discover the worlds of the Mysterious, the Buffonesque and the Grotesque as well as the worlds of the Trickster, the Shaman and the Clown. before embarking on the construction of stories and spaces, which explore the quest for and fear of Otherness as a phenomenon in ancient myths as well as in contemporary culture. Through painting, sculpting, performing and other means of creative expressions participants are invited to make contact with those layers within their body, which move fearless towards individuation and Self realization.

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Module Leader : Thomas Prattki