Night Sea Journeys: The Process of Embodiment

14. Oct - 08. Nov 2019

Night Sea Journeys


The Process of Embodiment

Taking the mythological theme of the Night Sea Journey as a point of departure, the module explores the shadowlands of contemporary culture and its relationship to the body. Through mask, myth and movement participants follow the heroInes of all times on their journey towards embodiment of their identity into abyssal darkness, where monsters await, but also creative sources, which trigger transformation, Self realization and the emergence of new paradigms. The module introduces participants to one of the most essential cornerstones of the school’s pedagogy – the process of embodiment through mask and movement and invites dialogue with hidden energies in our own body, which need to be freed on our journey towards artistic and personal autonomy. Participants are invited to create performances, installations, soundscapes, videos, etc, which reflect the nature of their personal and artistic quest, and which they will present at the end of the module.

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Module Leader : Thomas Prattki