Behind the Mask : Bali Project 2023

10-28 July 2023


Behind the Mask: A Bali Project 2023

This exciting project is scheduled for 10-28 July 2023 – if you are interested in applying just Contact Us is very happy to announce a brand new collaboration to take place in Bali – also called the Land of Gods – with mask-maker, performer and arthaus alumni Maria Eugenia Blanco, mask carver I Made Sudirga and Balinese dancer I Made Suteja.

In summer 2019 Maria Eugenia Blanco completed the two-year training in Performing Arts, Devised Theatre, and Embodied Dramaturgy. Inspired by her teacher’s pedagogy, María will complete her pedagogical journey at with Thomas Prattki this summer.

The 3-week program will provide participants with an opportunity to immerse themselves in Balinese culture and traditions, offering a training that includes mask carving, mask theatre and Balinese dance.
We offer an opportunity not only to experience Bali, but to get inside and in contact with the local people, the community, the tradition, and the culture. In other words, to experience Bali from the core.At the end of the training, the participants will perform in a traditional Balinese house with a Gamelan band (traditional live music), traditional Balinese costumes and traditional masks if desired.
Each participant will also finish at least one mask, and will take his/her mask home.

The training consists of approximately 6 hours per day of classes.
The classes are:

Discover the world of mask carving.
Learn to work with wood in a traditional technique.
Discover the meaning behind the mask.
Create your own masterpiece.

Balinese dance is an ancient dance tradition.
It is dynamic and intensely expressive, involving every inch of the body.
Learn and explore the body movements and prepare for the final performance.

A research on the use of the own body.
A research about creation.
A research about truth.
A deep exploration within the self.


The program is for actors, dancers, mask-makers, directors, teachers, or whoever is interested in exploring Balinese culture.

Workshop language will be English; all teachers have experience of working with groups of international students.

In the area of Mas, Batuan and Ubud.

For more details, contact the school using our contact button below.