Embodied Dramaturgy Modules 2019-2020

October 2019 - April 2020


Embodied Dramaturgy Modules


Each four-week or two-week Module on our one-year Embodied Dramaturgy Program may be attended individually, subject to successful application and an offer of a place on the Module. Each module investigates through means of performance a different aspect of embodiment and how it shapes one’s sense of identity, individuation and Self realisation. The different modules form all a thematic unit in itself, making it possible to apply to a specific module of your own choice without completing the full program, or to complete the program in your own timing.

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Modules :

Night Sea Journeys: The Process of Embodiment – led by Thomas Prattki

Drifts into the Unknown: A performative research into the urban body – led by Ariel Gutierrez

Stories of the Shadow Body: From Melodrama to Tragedy – led by Cat Gerrard

The Body’s Ink: Intersections between improvisation and composition – led by Valentina Bordenave

The Liminoid Body: Distortions of Normativity – led by Thomas Prattki

The Witness: Constructing integral spaces – led by Julie Beauvais